Kees and Willemijn Brouwer

Kees and Willemijn Brouwer worked 35 years under the patronage of the Church of Christ in Thailand. They retired in 2013 and live several months of the year in Chiang Mai. Near their house a charity foundation runs a house. Cancer patients from up-country can live here during their treatment.

Once a week Kees and Willemijn, together with a team of Thai Christians, organise a meeting and a free dinner for them. They sing Christian songs together and some biblical Truth is explained.
In their hardship, these people experience this coming-together like an “oasis”. Some of them hear the message of God’s great Love for man for the first time ever.

The Aroon foundation provided the finances for 10 healthy dinners so far.


About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai (or Chiangmai) is the capital of Chiang Mai province. The town lies about 700 km North of Bangkok in a mountainous area along the Ping-river. Chiang Mai is the second largest city of Thailand. Thousands of tourists visit the town yearly as it is a famous centre of handicrafts like umbrella, silver and silk industry and wood carving.

Population in 2014: 200,000


Projects in Chiang Mai


A pie for you, a job for them

The Aroon Foundation also sells all sorts of cakes to support the different projects financially. Read more...

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